CAFFEINE!!! Love towards CAFFEINE never end… why so?

Caffeine plays main role in all budding relationships. There s no dating without caffeine.Caffeine is the most widely used substance on the planet.


Secrets about Caffeine….

  • Caffeine affects brain function and researchers have been investigating whether caffeine improves memory and learning retention. caffeine’s influence on memory and diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • The  recent study published by Nature Neurosciences found that caffeine administered post studying helped students with memory consolidation.
  • In Japan, researchers have shown that caffeine increases memory. Also, a newer study out of Johns Hopkins University showed that a 200mg caffeine pill helped boost memory consolidation.

  • Caffeine cleanses the colon when taken as a caffeine enema.
  • Caffeine helps keep you alert while driving during periods of sleep restriction.
  •  Caffeine as the pre workout  drink without milk added to it. Works fantastic in improving energy level and helps to push more weights during strength training programs.  Gives Caffeine relieves post-workout muscle pain by up to 48%.
  • People who consume caffeine have very lower risk of suicide and depression.

  • Caffeine consuming men shows increased semen volume and also ery low risk of having ED (erectile dysfunction)
  • Caffeine may prevent weight gain, it improves the metabolic rate and helps to burn more fat.
  • Caffeine is the main source present in all fat burner. Instead of taking fat burners. Consuming in the form of decoration, only  natural way to improve metabolic rate.
  • There are some adverse effects are also PRESENT in consuming caffeine in large quantity.



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