• Fibrocartilaginous and hyaline joints, usually occurring in the midline. Examples in human anatomy would be the manubriosternal joint (between the manubrium and the sternum), intervertebral discs, and the pubic symphysis.
  • Fibrocartilage(fibrous) is a type of cartilage that contains fine collagen fibers arranged in layered arrays. In contrast to the very uniform appearance of hyaline cartilage, fibrocartilage possesses a more open or spongey architecture with gaps between lacunae and collagen fiber bundles.


  • Synergist muscles perform, or help perform, the same set of joint motion as the agonists. Synergists muscles act on movable joints.


  • Coxa vara is a deformity of the hip, where the angle between the head and the shaft of the femur is reduced to less than 120 degrees. This results in the leg being shortened, and the development of a limp.


  • The term lordosis refers to the normal inward lordotic curvature of the lumbar and cervical regions of the human spine. … Lumbar hyperlordosis is commonly called hollow back or saddle back.
  • Lordosis is an increased inward curving of the lumbar spine (just above the buttocks).


  • Is defined as the interval in which the foot is on the ground (60% of the gait cycle).
  • Stance Phase is divided into:

1) Heel strike to foot flat
2) Foot flat through mid-stance
3) Mid-stance through Heel off
4) Heel off to Toe off


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