•  Place the little finger at the base of the thumb, the ring finger on the upper thumb joint, and the middle finger on the pad of the thumb.

  • Extend the index finger. For an acute attack of asthma, first use this mudra from 4 to 6 minutes and then practice the Asthma Mudra ( wil post in uocoming dates) until breathing has become normal again.  For a long-term treatment, hold both mudras for 5 minutes, five times a day.


  • People with respiratory problems often also suffer from inner loneliness, isolation, sexual problems, and sadness.
  • To the outside world, these feelings are often successfully played down with humor. Or these individuals bind themselves to others by taking on their duties and concerns.
  • This naturally causes a great deal of stress so that these individuals are pressed for time and out of breath.
  • It is important to admit your negative feelings and moods for once and take a good look at them. Be aware that even these feelings are like waves on the surface of the water—they arise and then pass on.

  • The reason for such feelings is often a general weakness that is caused by shallow breathing since improper respiration doesn’t build up the inner reservoir of strength.
  • When it is reduced, weakness occurs not only on the physical level but also in the mental-emotional area. Fear, sadness, discontentment, exaggerated sensitivity, etc., are the consequences.


In yoga, every breathing exercise and physical exercise builds up this inner strength and keeps up the energy level (practice for at least 30 minutes every day). The following mudra meditation is also effective.

Sit upright and hold your hands about 4 inches away from your body. When your arms get tired, place the hands on your thighs.


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