All living matter contains some sulphur. This element is therefore essential for life.

  • The greater part of the sulphur in the human body is present in the two sulphur-containing amino  acids, methionine and cysteine, or in the double form of the latter cystine.
  • The main purpose  of sulphur is to dissolve waste materials. It helps to eject some of the waste and poisons from  the system.
  • It helps keep the skin clear of blemishes and makes hair glossy.

  • It is also valuable in rheumatic conditions.
  • The main sulphur-containing foods are radishes, carrots, cabbage,cheese, dried beans, fish  and eggs.

  • There is no recommended dietary allowance. But a diet sufficient in protein will generally be adequate in sulphur.
  • Deficiency of sulphur may cause eczema and imperfect development of hair and nails.
  • Sulphur creams and ointments have been remarkably successful in treating a variety of skin problems.


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