In India, mudras are an established component of all religious activities. The various mudras and hastas (arm poses) are significant in the depiction of Hindu gods.

  • In addition to body postures and attributes, they also represent the distinguishing characteristics of various deities.
  • The person at prayer sees a special power, capability, and strength of character in  these mystical hand poses.
  • The best-known mudras of the major gods  Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver), and Shiva (Destroyer).
  • The mudras are just as familiar in Indian dance, where the hands,eyes, and body movements act and/or dance the entire drama without words.

  • Mudras are also practiced in Tantric rituals. They play a large role  in Buddhism, where six mudras are very familiar in the pictorial depictions of Gautama Buddha.


  • Always lengthen the little pause after inhaling and after exhaling by several seconds. This is the most important aspect of the breathing process. The inner powers are developed during the pauses.

  • When you practice a mudra to calm yourself, then slow your breathing. • When you practice a mudra to refresh yourself, then intensify your breathing. • The optimal quality of breathing is achieved when the breath is slow, deep, rhythmic, flowing, and fine.

  • Hatha Yoga also expresses the many states of mind, such as mourning, joy, anger, and serenity, through gestures and body positions. They realize that the reverse also applies certain gestures can positively influence the psyche.


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