• Encircle the your thumb with the four fingers of your right hand. At the same
  • Time, touch the right thumb to the extended middle finger of your left
  • Hand. Together, the two hands look like a conch shell. Hold your hands in
  • Front of your sternum.
  • Do this as often and as long as you want.
  • Or use it three times daily for 15 minutes as a course of treatment
  • When you want to practice this mudra, you can first sing “OM” several times.
  • Then listen within yourself, to the silence, for several minutes afterward.
  • This mudra is used during rituals in many Hindu temples.
  • There, the conch horn is blown in the morning to announce the opening of the temple doors.
  • The same applies to our inner temple, in which the divine light shines—it should also be opened.
  • The Shell Mudra drives away every kind of problem in the throat.
  • If you practice it regularly, especially if you sing “OM” as you do it, you can improve your voice.
  • It also has a very calming effect and leads to collection in silence.


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  1. Does Shankh Mudra have any positive effect on Manipura Chakra ? Some Authors claim this mudra has effect on 72000 Nadi ( nerve centre) having influence on Digestive system . Pl guide .

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