There are a large variety of vitamins in the B group, the more important being B1 or  thiamine, B2 or riboflavin, B3 or niacin or nicotinic acid, B6 or pyridoxine, B9 or folic acid, B12 and B5 or pantothenic acid. B vitamins are synergistic. They are more potent together than when used separately.


  • THIAMINE Known as anti-beberi, anti-neuritic and anti-ageing vitamin, thiamine plays an important role  in the normal functioning of the nervous system, the regulation of carbohydrates and good  digestion.
  • It protects heart muscle, stimulates brain action and helps prevent constipation.

  • It  has a mild diuretic effect. Valuable sources of this vitamin are wheat germ, yeast, the outer  layer of whole grains, cereals, pulses,nuts, peas, legumes, dark green leafy vegetables, milk,  egg,banana and apple.
  • The deficiency of thiamine can cause serious impairment of the  digestive system and chronic constipation, loss of weight, diabetes, mental depression,  nervous exhaustion and weakness of the heart.

  • The recommended daily allowance for this vitamin is about two milligrams for adults and 1.2  mg for children.
  • The need for this vitamin increases during illness, stress and surgery as well  as during pregnancy and lactation.
  • When taken in a large quantity, say upto 50 mg.

  • it is  beneficial in the treatment of digestive disorders, neuritis and other nervous troubles as well  as mental depression.
  • For best results, all other vitamins of B group should be administered  simultaneously.
  • Prolonged ingestion of large doses of any one of the isolated B complex
  • vitamins may result in high urinary losses of other B-vitamins and lead to deficiencies of  these vitamins.


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